Tuesday, August 12, 2008

28 and Holding!

Yesterday was my 28th birthday and I must say they get better with every year. Cam gave me a Rolling Stones CD that I've been wanting, Dad took me to lunch at Olive Garden and gave me some cash(woohoo!). Mom gave me the sweetest card and a Wal-Mart gift card. My In-laws gave me a beautiful Orchid plant, more cash (woohoo again), and they are coming to babysit so Cam can take me to dinner tonight. I actually get to dress up! But the best gift of all came from Dawson and Rylan...for the first time they slept for 7 consecutive hours!!! We put them to bed at 9:30pm and they didn't make a peep until 4:30am. Of course, I didn't go to sleep until 11:00 so my fault for not taking advantage of their priceless gift. It's a well known fact you can't put a value on sleep! Take that Mastercard.

This past Sunday happened to be my Sister and Bro-in-law's 6th wedding anniversary. Here's a link to their blog: http://www.mosaiclife.com/2008/08/10/six-years/
These days, 6 years of marriage is a major accomplishment. And being that she married so young (at the ripe old age of 19) to a guy she met on the Internet who happened to live all the way across the country (California), it's even more notable. They've been through so much together that was beyond their control, and it has truly made them stronger. So, Happy Anniversary Brandon and Wendy! Here's to many more great years together.

Now for a Cole update. He's two weeks old today and doing great, holding his body temp at 98 degrees, and is up to 4lbs, 9ozs. Robyn is keeping him bundled up like a little baby burrito. Yay Cole! Keep up the good Mommy-work Robyn!


Wendy said...

Awww, thank you! That was sweet of you.

I'm glad you had a good birthday. I hope you guys have a great time tonight. You should definitely dress up--it just makes it feel more special.

The Murphrees said...

Happy late birthday! Love you-Laura

Yvonne Wood said...

Hello Brandi! Your Mom gave me the blog address for you and Wendy so I could see the baby pics. Dawson and Rylan are beautiful!! I also saw your family pics on luluphotography and they are beauriful. I don't know how you will choose so you might as well buy all of them! The children will grow so fast so enjoy every second you have with them. I'm keeping Emma Grace for Kami and I can see her changing every day. You have a wonderful family and I'm so glad for you. May God continue to bless your family/marriage . Love you, "Miss Yvonne"